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White Sands

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning Preparation:

1.) Shower: When spray tanning, you want to make sure your skin is free of any dirt, lotions, perfume or sweat before spray tanning. This allows for the spray tanning solution to go on smoothly and adhere better to the skin.

2.) Exfoliate and Shave: Exfoliating is crucial before spray tanning in order to get rid of any dry skin, as the spray tan solution will not develop correctly over dry skin. Shaving is also key to a clean spray tan. We recommend shaving the night before a spray tan so your pores have time to close before your appointment and will leave you with a nice blurring effect.

3.) Dark, Baggy, Clothing: Wearing baggy clothing will help to not smudge your spray tan. We also recommend dark clothing in case of the occurrence that your spray tan transfers onto your clothes.

4.) Remove Makeup: We recommend removing any makeup you may have on your face before spraying. This ensures that our spray tan solution will adhere properly to your face. If you need a makeup wipe, just ask! We have makeup wipes for sale at our salon.

Click the link to watch the video for our versapro spray booth

Before Entering the Spray Booth:
1.) Remove all jewelry.
2.) Place your provided hair net behind the ears and hairline allowing them to be exposed.
3.) Apply blending cream to tops and sides of feet, nails, toenails, hands, and between your fingers.
4.) If desired, use the eye wear and nose plugs that are provided in the spray booth.

Spraying Positions:

1.) Place your toes on #1 and your heels on #4

-Note: Raise head slightly exposing the neck and hands curled so fingers point to the rear of the booth.

2.) Next, turn right and stand with your toes on #2 and your heels on #4.

Note: Position your hands as seen here->

Screenshot 2024-05-28 182731.png

3.) Now, turn left and place your toes on #3 and your heels on #4.

Note: Position your hands as seen here->

Screenshot 2024-05-28 182745.png

4.) Next, stand facing away from the nozzles with your toes on #4 and your heels on #1

Note: Tilt your head slightly down, exposing your neck, push arms back slightly, with palms facing down.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 182806.png
Screenshot 2024-05-28 182715.png

After Spray Tanning:

1.) Do Not Get Spray Tan Wet: We recommend waiting at least 4-8 hours after spraying to be able to allow your spray the maximum time to develop. Showering, swimming, working out, or getting wet in the rain can affect the way your spray tan develops and may leave you with an unwanted result.

2.) Moisturize: After your 4 to 8 hours of allowing your spray tan to develop, you can rinse it off. After showering, it's best to use a nice moisturizer to lock in your color. At our salon, we offer after-tanning moisturizers that are great for after spray tanning!

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