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Peptide Pro

Peptide Pro is an intensifier that is enriched with collagen, hylauronic acid, and peptides. This lotion is great for breaking that tanning barrier you may have which allows you to achieve optimum color.


Peptide Pro Hybrid Facial

This facial lotion is perfect for both UV and redlight beds. This lotion contains a collagen complex and allows for your face to tan and stay glowing!


Accelerator K

Accelerator K is a bronzer that is infused with Triple Carrot Blend to provide you with smooth skin. This lotion features Biosine Complex which is infused with nutrients and moisturizers to aid in skin hydration.


Hardcore Bronze

Hardcore bronze is a bronzer which contains 30x dark bronzers. These bronzers can help you to achieve that instant and long lasting color at the same time!

Fearlessly Bronze

Fearlessly Bronze is a bronzer that is made up of both DHA and natural bronzers for both delayed and instant results.  This lotion also includes DermaDark to add an extra boost to your color.

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Endless Vacation

Endless Vacation is a triple dip intensifier. This lotion features a continuous color cocktail to help provide you with that intense moisture and a tan that lasts! Endless Vaction can ot only be used in UV tanning beds, but also in Red Light Therapy as well!

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