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Banana Leaves

Designer Skin 



Dream Life

Dream Life is a dark bronzer that is used on the legs. This lotion also contains shave minimizers to help slow down hair growth and lengthen the duration of your tan. It contains blurring qualities to help give your legs the perfect, blurred color.




Fever is a dark bronzer created with both natural and DHA bronzers. This lotion contains a Ceremide to help prevent aging and create healthier skin.



Eternity is a dark bronzer that creates a natural, cool toned looking tan. This lotion contains Blue tea to help reduce skin redness and also has tattoo protecting agents. Vitamin E is included in this lotion, which helps with redness and aging.


Grand Affair

Grand Affair is a medium-colored bronzer containing both delayed and instant bronzers to help you achieve a tan as soon as you apply it! This lotion also includes avacodo oil to help aid in skin moisturization and leave your skin looking and feeling great!

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Tattle Tail

Tattle Tail is a natural bronzer made with caramel and black walnut to give you a immediate bronze glow. This lotion includes a Soothing Banana Infusion to help restore the hydration in your skin!


Misbehaved is a 70x bronzer with added DHA and cosmetic & natural bronzers. It also includes a Real Reflection Complex for a blurring, perfected finish.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is an intensifier that can be used in both UV, Red Light, and our spray tan booth. It also contains a Tyrosine derivative that helps stimulate UV melanin production for dark color development.

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AWE Struck 

AWE Struck is a 65x bronzer. This lotion features encapsulated charcoal beads that contain activated charcoal that melt onto the skin. These beads help to give your skin an extra boost.

AWE Struck Tan Extennder

This lotion is a tan extender and can be used after your tanning experience. This lotion includes a powerful blend of hydrating and conditioning ingredients to help smoothen and hydrate your skin!


LVX is a 55x bronzer that includes instant bronzers, tanning boosters, and delayed bronzing ingredients. This lotion is made with combinations of caramel, annatto, blend of hues and melanin to deliver instant results!

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Supernova is a dark 100x bronzer. This lotion includes high DHA, Cosmetic, and natural bronzers to help achieve an even, dark tan. This lotion also has deluxe silicones to help with your tanning experience by boosting your melanin production.


Mayhem is a hot lotion with caramel bronzers to compliment the red tone the tingle will give you. This lotion also contains niacinamides to help with skin elasticity.

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Debut is a dark bronzer made with DHA and Erythrulose. This lotion includes caffeine as well to help tone ad boost your skins appearance!


Captivate is a natural bronzer which includes Vitamin C and caffeine to help energize your skin! The natural bronzers in this lotion help to provide that instant color to your skin.

14 Karat Gold Rush

14 Karat Gold Rush is a 14x bronzer with plateau breaking qualities. This lotion also features hyaluronic acid to help promote collagen production and cellular repair!

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24 Karat White Gold

24 Karat White Gold is a white bronzer made with DHA, Erythrulose, Black Walnut Extract and Annatto Extract. Ultra refined gold reflects and diffuses light to help blur skin imperfections.

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Bombshell is a hot lotion with white tea extract, amino acid, and CoQ-10. This lotion will give you a nice tingle and aid in oxygenation of skin cells for a bit more of a red color.

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