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Fit Life

Fit Life is a dark intensifier which provides a streak-free color. This lotion contains stevia, caffeine, and green tea to help tone and energize for improved skin texture and revitalized glowing complexion.




This hypoallergenic lotion by JWOWW is a caramel colored bronzer. This lotion also contains an Ink-Drink complex to protect your tattoos!



Jersey Heat

Jersey Heat is a tingle/hot lotion. This type of lotion should be used by experienced tanners. This lotion contains vitamins A and E and also pomegranate extracts to provide your skin with moisture and soothing properties.


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Reality Check

Reality Check is a natural bronzer that includes Ink Drink Complex to protect your tattoos! The natural bronzers include caramel and melanin to provide an instant color!

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Stunning is a white bronzer which includes an Ink Drink Complex in order for you to protect your tattoos and keep them from fading! This lotion includes caffeine and hemp seed oil to help hydrate and tone your skin.


Relentless is a darker bronzer with Ink Drink Complex to help your tattoos from fading. The bronzers are made with melanin and DHA to help you achieve a nice color!


Fearless is an intensifier which has an Ink Drink Complex to help your tattoos from fading! This intensifier is made with hemp seed oil to help rejuvenate your skin and give it a long lasting color!

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Shore Win

Shore Win is a bronzer which is made with DHA and natural & cosmetic bronzers. This lotion is moisturizing, cruelty free, and includes caffiene to help give your skin that extra boost!


This JWOWW lotion is another hypoallergenic white bronzer. This is a delayed bronzer, meaning your tan will darken over time and not as soon as you apply it.

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Shore Love

Shore Love is a double dip intensifier with an intense moisture blend to help seal in moisture for a longer lasting tan. This lotion also include odor defense to help prevent post UV odors.


CBD Black Bronzer

CBD Black Bronzer is a bronzer which includes an Ink Drink Complex to help protect your tattoos! The formula is used to help soothe the skin and nourish your tan so it can last even longer!

Tan Extender

The JWOWW Tan Extender is used as an after-tan lotion. This lotion can help maintain your color and can also help to protect your tattoos with its Ink Drink Complex.

Face Intensifier

The JWOWW Face Intensifier is a lotion that can be used specifically on your face. This intensifier contains Vitamin B to help accelerate the process of your tan. 

Warming Leg Bronzer

The JWOWW Warming Leg Bronzer is a great lotion if you see you want a little more color on your legs!  This lotion wraps your legs in a slight warming sensation and is hypoallergenic. Shave minimizers help to slow hair growth and help to provide long lasting hydration.


Celebrate is a white bronzer that includes blurring technology to help with any skin imperfections. This lotion includes caffeine to help boost your skin's appearance as well!

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